Welcome to ‘MyLoveLink’. Your home for all things relationship. We promote the most important ingredient needed for successful relationships – LOVE. Our mission is to help your relationships blossom and become successful. We offer ideas to support proven methods for meaningful and healthy relationships. ‘MyLoveLink’ was born out of a passion to change how people think and feel about relationships and life. We have various blogs and resources all designed to help you grow as a person and help your relationships become more rewarding. Whether you are looking for love, a partner, or you just want to add meaning to your relationships, we provide the necessary resources to meet your relationship needs. Many times, we come across challenges in our relationships which weigh us down, and the pressure to stay down overwhelms us. This is why ‘MyLoveLink’ was created- to lift relationships that are down, to give hope in seemingly hopeless situations, to raise the spirit of individuals, to put a smile on people’s faces and in general make the world a better place to live.


  • To give greater meaning to relationships;
  • To help people and relationships discover their full potential;
  • To create genuine happiness in every relationship;
  • To give hope to people having challenges in their lives;

Improving lives in general


‘MyLoveLink’ conducted thorough research on useful and beneficial relationship data and resources.

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Life is both dynamic and exciting when you are in the right relationship. At the same time, life is messy and frustrating when you find yourself in a wrong relationship or place in life. Our primary objective is to help people experience meaningful and exciting relationships. This is our commitment and our motivation.


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