• Hollywood Superstar Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Been Financing Countless Children’s Hospitals
    When it comes to Keanu Reeves, he is best known as one of the most humble and kindest movie stars in Hollywood. The 53-year-old actor who’s well known for his roles in blockbuster movies including The Matrix, Speed, and John Wick is not one to brag about his successes and fame. So it comes as […]
  • The Mother-Daughter Pilot Team Breaking the 30,000-Foot Glass Ceiling Together
    “It’s a man’s world” is the view we’re often given. When you’re growing up female, once the harsh reality of that sentiment really takes hold, it can be discouraging. But in the era we’re living in now, women are waking up to the fact that as a collective, we’ve been kept down. And we’re beginning […]
  • Does Energy Healing Really Work?
    There may be some skepticism about the therapeutic effects of energy healing, but this medicinal practice has been time-tested for thousands of years. Some scientists believe that stimulating the human energy field should be combined with common practices of modern medicine in order to treat and understand the entire human body. Practices like reiki, healing […]
  • Dad Books 6 Flights So His Flight Attendant Daughter Won’t Be Alone On Christmas
    We all want to spend time with our families during the holidays, but the harsh reality is that many professions and businesses can’t close up shop. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and airlines can all run around the clock during the Christmas season. As a nurse, I know all too well that sometimes you just have to […]
  • A Cancer-Linked Chemical Has Been Found In Heartburn Medications. Here’s What You Need To Know.
    If you didn’t have heartburn before picking up this story, you might end up with it when you’re done. Regular users of the heartburn medication Zantac, listen up! Turns out the pills have been found to be tainted with trace amounts of a substance linked to increased risk for colorectal and uterine cancers. At this […]
  • Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple the Perfect Holiday Appetizer
    Wrap savory bacon around tangy pineapple for the perfect smoky sweet snack! If you’re looking for the ideal combination of sweet and savory, this bacon-wrapped pineapple is it! These bite-sized servings are perfect as appetizers for backyard barbecues or parties. Equally delicious all year-round, it’s a sure-fire hit with minimal prep! When it comes to […]
  • 17-Year-Old Boy’s Lungs Completely Blocked from Vaping, Doctors Say
    Texan teen Tryston Zohfeld was released from the hospital in August 2019 after an 18-day hospital stay. Unexpectedly, Zohfeld’s lungs had failed on July 26, 2019, and he was immediately taken to the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. In the care of the medical center, the teen was intubated, put into a medical […]
  • Radioactive Traces From The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Found In California Wine
    The Fukushima Disaster The Fukushima Daiichi Incident occurred on March 11, 2011. Just after a major earthquake, a tsunami disabled the cooling and power supply of three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The three cores melted, resulting in high radioactive releases. This accident earned a rating of 7 on the […]
  • Strong Beer May Be Full Of The Same Gut-Friendly Bacteria As Yogurt
    Some strong beer, in moderation, could be gut-friendly. Before you use this as a reason to down half a dozen beers, however, read on to understand what kind and how much could benefit your gut.  The Gut-Friendly Findings  Eric Claasen, a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, attended an event organized by Yakult, a drink […]
  • She Attends Gay Weddings As A ‘Stand-In Mom.’ Now They’re Making A Movie About Her.
    Religion versus sexuality is an all too common narrative in modern America. Despite all the familial love in the world, an individual ‘coming out’ as homosexual can cause conflict and moral distress for other loved ones. Strong spiritual views opposing homosexuality seem to especially accelerate the contention in many families. An Oklahoma City mother can […]