• GMO Impossible Burger Tests Positive for High Levels of Monsanto’s Glyphosate
    As millions of people seek alternatives to meat in hopes of cutting back on consumption, the plant-based burger sector has seized the opportunity to become one of the fastest-growing new players in the food industry. Creating “beef” patties out of a variety of plant-based ingredients, many of these companies have managed to creates textures to […]
  • Art Teacher from Texas Elementary School Makes Dress Featuring Her Students’ Drawings – Take A Look!
    There’s a beautiful article about an elementary school teacher who wore a dress that her students doodled on. It has been trending on social media because one, she looks amazing in the dress and two, she did it as a source of inspiration for her students. She thought it would be motivational for her students […]
  • To My Friend’s Kids: I Love You Like You’re Mine
    As a working mom, it wasn’t until I lost my job that I realized how separate my life was from my kids. It was a very unsettling feeling when I took on the role of full-time mom. When I dropped my children off at school that first day, I felt the same apprehension one might […]
  • Metallica Donates €250,000 To Help Build First Children’s Hospital Of Its Kind
    Heavy metal band, Metallica, has donated €250,000 (over $278,000USD) to help build the first Romanian pediatric oncology hospital and commemorate their return to the eastern European nation after 20 years. All Within My Hands, Metallica’s non-profit foundation, made the donation to Daruieste Viata, an association with a particular interest in oncology that dedicates itself to […]
  • Thousands of Fires Have Ravaged the Brazilian Rainforest – Some In Areas Where Deforestation Has Spiked
    Smoke Darkens the Sky Fires in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest are burning so rapidly that smoke is darkening the sky above São Paulo. The city is more than 1,700 miles away from the burning rainforest. Images emerging on social media show the sky blacked out in the middle of the afternoon, the sun unable to penetrate […]
  • Victory! Delaware Becomes The First No-Kill State For Shelter Animals
    Nation’s First No-Kill Animal Shelter State Delaware has just made history as the United States’ first no-kill state for animals in shelters. The Best Friends Animal Society, an organization committed to ending shelter euthanization, announced Delaware’s exciting news at its annual conference in Dallas. (1, 2) The Best Friends Animal Society considers a state to […]
  • A Must-Read For All Parents: Mom Describes How Her Son’s Brain Works
    Love it or hate it, one of the fundamental parts of being a parent is the tough talk about love and sex. You know the one: The “where babies come from” talk. While it might feel embarrassing to talk to your kids about this, it’s important. They need to know and understand basic human dynamics […]
  • Malawian Teen Taught Himself How To Build A Windmill From Junk, Brought Power To His Village – All Learned From Library Books!
    In 2014, a young Malawian man named William Kamkwamba walked down the aisle alongside his classmates, receiving his diploma from Dartmouth College. At 27 years of age, he was perhaps a little older than many of his peers, but he’d lived a lot of life in that time. So much life in fact, that it […]
  • Rhino Poachers Eaten Alive By Lions On South African Game Reserve
    Three would-be poachers were likely eaten alive after being attacked by a pride of lions in Sibuya Game Reserve in July of 2018. Set on 30 square miles, Sibuya is one of the most popular reserves in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Authorities believe the group had broken in and was in search of […]
  • 7 Behaviors That Keep People Stuck in Toxic Relationships
    We are relational beings and even if we enjoy our own company, there comes a time when we need to be in the company of others. When we value our relationships, we take all the necessary steps to make them work. However, there are times when our own doubts, fears, and insecurities become our biggest […]