• Sundance 2020: Acasa, My Home, Once Upon a Time in Venezuela
    A family’s journey of culture shock that sprawls over many years and different members’ lives, “Acasa, My Home” concerns what lack of freedom comes with being quote-unquote civilized. Director Radu Ciorniciuc has assembled a chronology of what happens to a family when they are removed from their secluded world on a Romanian marsh, after bureaucracy […]
  • Sundance 2020: Table of Contents
    The following Table of Contents includes our coverage of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, as written by Brian Tallerico, Nick Allen, Tomris Laffly, Robert Daniels, Carlos Aguilar, and Monica Castillo."Bad Hair""Be Water""The Climb""Coded Bias""Dick Johnson is Dead""Dinner in America""The Dissident""Falling""The Go-Go's""Happy Happy Joy Joy""Kajillionaire""Miss Americana""Miss Juneteenth""Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always""The Painter and the Thief""Promising Young Woman""Siempre, Luis""Summertime""Timmy […]
  • Sundance 2020: Wander Darkly, Dinner in America
    The U.S. Dramatic Competition program at Sundance typically produces a few critical darlings that ride the entire year and into the next awards season. Last year saw the premieres of “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” “Luce,” and “Clemency,” the winner, in that section. Buzzed-about standouts early this year include “Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always,” […]
  • Wendy
    “Wendy,” a passion project for Benh Zeitlin, the director who shook Sundance and then the rest of the world with “Beasts of the Southern Wild” almost a decade ago, plays out like listening to someone else tell you about their dream. It clearly means something to its creator, but Zeitlin and his collaborators never quite […]
  • Sundance 2020: Coded Bias, Whirlybird, Be Water
    The U.S. Documentary Competition category at Sundance is often a program of discovery. The names in non-fiction that you already know and love often find themselves in categories like Documentary Premieres, leaving space here for newcomers, often tackling unique subjects. It’s a program that feels like it’s more open to risk-taking in terms of form […]
  • Sundance 2020: Kajillionaire, Dick Johnson is Dead
    As one might have guessed, the new film from writer/director Miranda July is a mighty strange affair, orchestrated as a funhouse mirror reflecting on real life. “Kajillionaire” is essentially July’s take on family dynamics, observing a mother, father, and daughter, and what each of them bring to the table. July has a handful of bizarre […]
  • Promising Young Woman
    A woman at a bar appears incredibly intoxicated, falling over in her seat and barely able to keep her head up, when she’s noticed by three average guys. One of them, played by Adam Brody, saunters over to her with, he tells himself, the best of intentions. She’s in trouble. He’s a “nice guy.” And […]
  • Sundance 2020: The Dissident, Vivos
    Documentarian Bryan Fogel had a hell of a year back in 2017—his debut “Icarus” became an instant must-see among audiences at Sundance, especially for how it turned the concept of “Super Size Me but for steroids” into a concrete condemnation of Russia’s Olympic doping history. Quickly picked up by Netflix, it went all the way to […]
  • Sundance 2020: Worth, Falling, Uncle Frank
    While a lot of the buzz at Sundance usually centers on finding the new, hot voices in film, largely in sections like Competition or Next, it’s also a platform for high profile premieres with household names. At their best, these premieres end up being films that are talked about all year. Recent stand-outs in the […]
  • Sundance 2020: The Go-Go’s, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Siempre Luis
    Pop culture docs are a common trend at Sundance. We all love to learn a little bit more about where our favorite art comes from, whether that art is incredible music, groundbreaking television, or award-winning theater. In a sense, all three of these films serve this purpose in very different ways, illuminating the difficulties and […]

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