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  • Johnson Says He’ll Press on After Commons Defeat: Brexit Update
    (Bloomberg) -- Sign up to our Brexit Bulletin, follow us @Brexit and subscribe to our podcast.Parliament voted for Boris Johnson to request a further delay to Brexit after a day of high tension in the House of Commons in London. The prime minister, who said the choice is his deal or no deal, said he will not “negotiate delay” […]
  • Johnson’s Brexit Plans In Disarray After Lawmakers Vote to Delay
    (Bloomberg) -- Sign up to our Brexit Bulletin, follow us @Brexit and subscribe to our podcast.Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans were again thrown into chaos after the U.K. parliament voted to take more time to scrutinize the deal the prime minister struck with the European Union this week, forcing him to seek the delay he vowed he never would.Without Parliament’s […]
  • Rights lawyers: Egypt frees more than 100 held in crackdown
    Egyptian authorities released more than 100 people who were among hundreds more arrested in a sweeping crackdown following small but rare anti-government protests last month, rights lawyers and officials said Saturday. Lawyers Mustafa el-Demiry and Khaled Ali said 101 detainees, including 30 women, were released late Friday, pending an investigation into allegations they took part […]
  • UPDATE 1-EU executive asks UK to inform of next Brexit steps ASAP
    The European Commission said Britain must inform the EU executive of its next steps as soon as possible after parliament voted on Saturday to postpone a key vote on a Brexit deal. "The European Commission takes note of the vote in the House of Commons today," spokesman Mina Andreeva said on Twitter. British Prime Minister […]
  • British MPs force Johnson to seek new Brexit delay
    British MPs voted Saturday to force Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask the European Union to delay Brexit yet again but he insisted Britain must leave on October 31. In a day of high drama in the House of Commons, MPs declined to give their backing to the divorce agreement Johnson struck with the EU […]
  • Deadly protests in Guinea as Russia calls for change of rules to keep despot in power
    When police shot dead nine pro-democracy protesters in Guinea this week, Western embassies quietly shared their misgivings with the country’s president, Alpha Conde. International human rights groups were more unequivocal. François Patuel of Amnesty International denounced “a shameful attempt by Guinean authorities to stifle dissent by any means necessary”. But one major power seemed unperturbed. […]
  • Vote on Johnson's Brexit deal will have to wait after all
    Oh, so close.It looks like the Brexit deal U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson brokered with the European Union on Thursday won't get through British Parliament on Saturday, as Johnson had hoped, adding to a growing list of defeats in his short tenure.U.K. Parliament passed an amendment during its first Saturday session in 37 years that […]
  • Clashes and Confusion Mar Attempt at Cease-Fire in Syria
    ISTANBUL -- Sporadic fighting continued in northern Syria on Friday, casting uncertainty over a U.S.-brokered truce, as conflicting reports emerged about whether Kurdish forces were retreating or hunkering down and whether Turkish troops were advancing or holding fire.Clashes continued on and off in the vicinity of a strategic Syrian border town, despite President Donald Trump […]
  • UPDATE 1-Protesters cheer as British parliament votes to force Brexit delay
    Thousands of anti-Brexit protesters gathered outside Britain's parliament cheered as lawmakers voted on Saturday to withhold support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson's EU exit deal until formal ratification legislation had passed. "Hear us," many of the protesters said outside the 800-year-old parliament building while others chanted "People's vote". Hundreds of thousands of Britons had marched […]
  • UK parliament speaker to rule on Monday if govt can put Brexit deal to vote again
    The speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow said he would rule on Monday if he will allow the government to put forward a vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. The government had tried to get lawmakers to approve the deal on Saturday but lawmakers instead backed a proposal to withhold support […]
  • On Day 1,001, Trump Made It Clear: Being 'Presidential' Is Boring
    DALLAS -- A one point during one of his most unpresidential of days, President Donald Trump insisted that he knew how to be presidential."It's much easier being presidential, it's easy," he told a stadium full of more than 20,000 boisterous supporters in MAGA hats and T-shirts cheering his every word Thursday night. "All you have […]
  • UK parliament to debate Brexit deal on Monday - House of Commons leader
    British lawmakers will debate and vote on Monday on whether to approve Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, the leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg said on Saturday. The government had planned to ask lawmakers to approve the deal on Saturday but parliament instead backed a proposal to withhold support for Johnson's Brexit […]
  • Boris Johnson Furious as Parliament Refuses to Be Bounced Into Brexit Deal
    REUTERSLONDON—Boris Johnson was left raging on Saturday as lawmakers forced the prime minister to seek yet another Brexit delay from the European Union. The extremely rare parliamentary vote taken on a Saturday did not reject Johnson’s compromise deal with the EU outright, it merely demanded more time for the deal to be examined and inserted […]
  • UK Parliament votes to force Brexit delay in setback for Boris Johnson
    U.K. lawmakers approved legislation on Saturday undermining a deal reached between Boris Johnson and the European Union, casting doubt on the prime minister's ability to meet an Oct. 31 Brexit deadline. Johnson announced Thursday that he had reached a deal with European leaders for the U.K. to leave the EU, but the agreement still needed […]
  • UPDATE 1-British protesters lampoon the 'Lucifer' of Brexit and his billionaire backers
    Anti-Brexit protesters used a bizarre array of humour on Saturday to lampoon Britain's leaders, casting Prime Minister Boris Johnson's chief adviser as a manipulating devil behind an EU divorce they view as the work of a privileged few. The battle over Brexit spilled onto the streets of London when hundreds of thousands of people gathered […]
  • UK lawmakers vote for Letwin proposals, forcing Johnson towards Brexit delay
    British lawmakers on Saturday voted for a proposal to withhold support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal until formal ratification legislation has passed, a step that will oblige him to ask the European Union for a Brexit delay. Lawmakers voted 322-306 for the amendment, put forward by former Conservative lawmaker Oliver Letwin. Unless Johnson […]
  • Turkish-backed forces, Kurds clash despite Syria cease-fire
    Turkish-backed Syrian fighters clashed with Kurdish-led forces in several parts of northeastern Syria on Saturday, with some crossing the border from Turkey to attack a village, a war monitor said. Nearly two days into the five-day halt in fighting, the two sides were still trading fire around the key border town of Ras al-Ayn. There […]
  • 10 things you need to know today: October 19, 2019
    1.U.K. Parliament passed an amendment during its first Saturday session in 37 years that requires Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request a Brexit delay from the European Union by 11 p.m. Saturday. The vote was tight, but ultimately a cross-party group backed the amendment by a count of 322-306. It does not necessarily mean that […]
  • Can Boris Johnson Pull Off the Impossible? We’re Counting the Votes
    (Bloomberg) -- Boris Johnson has managed to strike a new Brexit deal with the European Union. But does he have the numbers to get it past Parliament?Well short of a majority, he needs to persuade 61 Members of Parliament to back his deal. He looks only three-fourths of the way there, based on public comments […]
  • Lebanon's Nasrallah says he's against government resignation
    Lebanon's influential Hezbollah leader said he is against the government's resignation amid a deepening economic crisis and nationwide protests that entered their third day Saturday, calling for the removal of the country's political elite. Hassan Nasrallah said it would be "a waste of time" for the current national unity government to resign since the same […]

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  • Dam collapses at Siberian gold mine, killing at least 15 people
    Investigation launched into safety regime at alluvial mine in remote Krasnoyarsk regionAt least 15 gold miners were killed when a dam collapsed, flooding a mining encampment in a remote part of Siberia, officials said.Heavy rains had weakened the dam and water broke through, sweeping away several cabins where the miners lived, about 100 miles south […]
  • Archaeologists discover 30 ancient coffins in Luxor
    Intricately carved coffins with mummies from 1000BC ‘biggest such find in over a century’ Egypt has revealed details of 30 ancient wooden coffins with mummies inside, which were discovered in the southern city of Luxor in the biggest find of its kind in more than a century.A team of Egyptian archaeologists found a “distinctive group […]
  • Rivals in the scramble to be the world’s 21st-century superpower
    After Donald Trump’s troop withdrawal from Syria, it is clear that America’s global dominance is under threat. We look at what could come nextThe US troop withdrawal from Syria, the betrayal of the west’s Kurdish allies, and subsequent advances by Russian, Iranian and Syrian regime forces have been widely interpreted as a dramatic “watershed moment” […]
  • Extinction Rebellion: police release activist who scaled Big Ben's tower
    Ben Atkinson, 43, climbed scaffolding around clock tower dressed as Boris JohnsonAn Extinction Rebellion activist who scaled Big Ben’s tower and evaded capture for more than three hours has been released by police.Ben Atkinson, 43, climbed the scaffolding surrounding the clock tower dressed as Boris Johnson – complete with a blond wig, shirt, jacket and […]
  • Titian expert says lauded painting is not by the master
    Top art historians clash over authenticity of Apsley House treasureA painting thought to be by Titian, which will be included in a touring exhibition to begin at the National Gallery in London next March, has been dismissed as a “dud” by a leading art historian.Professor Charles Hope, a Titian expert, told the Observer that The […]
  • Blue Alabama – in pictures
    One might think the best color to describe Alabama would be red-brown, like its dirt, or loamy black like its best soil. Or white like its fences. Or any of the three, like its people. But blue is right. Blue skies, blue denim, blue faded scraps for quilts, the robin’s egg blue paint in portraits […]
  • Pelosi and Trump summed up the patriarchy in one perfect snapshot
    I doubt there’s any woman who hasn’t had her strength rebranded as ‘aggression’ – calling us ‘crazy’ is a tired old trickSign up for The week in patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
  • Bystanders rescue woman who fell into path of incoming train in Buenos Aires – video
    People on a crowded underground platform in Buenos Aires came to the rescue of a woman who fell on to train tracks.CCTV footage from Pueyrredón station shows the woman being knocked off the platform by a man who fainted. Passengers quickly responded by waving their hands to alert the train driver. They then jumped on […]
  • Thousands take to streets in Rome for far-right rally
    Matteo Salvini’s League joins rightwing parties in ‘Italian pride’ protestThousands of protesters are gathering in Rome for an “Italian pride” rally that brings together the rightwing League of Matteo Salvini, the far-right Brothers of Italy party led by Giorgia Meloni, and the former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.League, which remains Italy’s largest party, called for […]
  • Catalan president calls for talks with Spain's government after unrest
    Quim Torra urges dialogue for democratic solution to tensions following fifth consecutive night of violence Catalonia’s president, Quim Torra, has called for talks with the Spanish government after Friday’s huge, peaceful march held in protest at the jailing of nine pro-independence Catalan leaders was followed by a fifth consecutive night of violent unrest in Barcelona […]
  • Afghanistan mosque bombing: death toll rises
    State blames Taliban for blasts targeting worshippers during Friday prayersPolice and local residents were searching for bodies in the rubble of a mosque in the eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, after bomb blaststhat killed at least 69 people during Friday prayers.The explosives had been placed inside the mosque in the Jawdara area of Haska Mena […]
  • Campaign launched to catch 'Europe's most wanted women'
    Crime Has No Gender website shows suspects hidden behind masks, which users removeEurope’s policing agency has launched a campaign to catch the continent’s most wanted female criminals.Europol’s new website, called the Crime Has No Gender campaign, reveals the faces of fugitives wanted by 21 EU countries in an interactive way. Eighteen of them are women. […]
  • 'All the hood rats would jam with us': Grandmaster Flash, AJ Tracey and other artists on the generation gap
    What difference does a decade or two make in the worlds of music, kids’ TV and poetry?Grandmaster Flash – born Joseph Saddler on New Year’s Day, 1958 – is often credited as one of the pioneers of hip-hop, but his achievements are as much in the field of engineering as they are in music. It […]
  • Scott Morrison says drought the Coalition's 'first call' – but makes no mention of climate
    Prime minister suggests Coalition may commit to extra funding relief in Liberal party federal council speechScott Morrison has indicated the federal government might be prepared to commit extra relief funding to drought-stricken communities, reaffirming the drought is the government’s top priority.In a triumphal speech to the Liberal party’s federal council in Canberra on Saturday, Morrison […]
  • Doubting death: how our brains shield us from mortal truth
    Brain seems to categorise death as something that only befalls other peopleWarning: this story is about death. You might want to click away now.That’s because, researchers say, our brains do their best to keep us from dwelling on our inevitable demise. A study found that the brain shields us from existential fear by categorising death […]
  • Germany shooting: data on online spread of livestreamed attack kept secret
    Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google decline to release figures despite pledge in wake of Christchurch attackUS tech companies have declined to release data on the online spread of footage of last week’s shooting in Halle, Germany, despite pledging greater transparency as part of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s “Christchurch Call”.Companies including Facebook and Twitter […]
  • Hong Kong protests: bring back app or risk 'complicity' in repression, Apple told
    US lawmakers including Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez write to Tim Cook urging him to restore HKMapp app A bipartisan group of prominent US lawmakers has urged Apple chief executive Tim Cook to restore the HKMap app used in Hong Kong, as protesters push ahead with plans for another unsanctioned mass rally on Sunday.Earlier this […]
  • Chile protests: state of emergency declared in Santiago as violence escalates
    President announces order in televised address after fare-dodging protest by students in capital widensA state of emergency has been declared in the Chilean capital after simmering protests against a rise in metro fares spilled out into widespread vandalism and violence fuelled by rising cost-of-living pressures.As ordained by Chile’s dictatorship-era constitution, the state of emergency will […]
  • Investigation of Clinton emails ends, finding no 'deliberate mishandling'
    State department did find violations by 38 current and former department officials, some of whom may face disciplinary actionThe state department has completed its years-long internal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email and found “no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information”.The investigation, launched more than three years ago, did find […]
  • Violent clashes erupt between cartel gunmen and police in Mexico – video report
    Intense fighting has erupted in the Mexican city of Culiacán, where masked gunmen threw up burning barricades and traded gunfire with security forces after authorities arrested one of the sons of the jailed former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán. The chaotic scenes in Culiacán, a long-time stronghold for the Guzmáns' cartel, have […]

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