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  • Merkel voices 'deep shame' on first visit to Auschwitz
    Angela Merkel visited the former Auschwitz Nazi death camp on Friday for the first time as chancellor and said admitting Nazi crimes was a key part of Germany's identity that could combat growing anti-Semitism.
  • Warning Iran, US slaps sanctions on Iraqi paramilitary leaders
    The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on three Iranian-backed Iraqi paramilitary leaders over a deadly crackdown on protests in the country, as it warned Tehran to stay out of its neighbor's affairs. The move comes as President Donald Trump's administration, which considers Iran an arch-enemy, voices alarm at rising attacks on US forces' bases […]
  • Johnson Edges Snap Poll After Final Leaders Debate: U.K. Votes
    (Bloomberg) -- A snap YouGov poll found that Boris Johnson narrowly beat Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn by 52% to 48% as the leaders went head-to-head in the final debate before the Dec. 12 election. The Conservatives still enjoy a healthy lead in national opinion polls.Ahead of the debate, the premier accused Corbyn of trying […]
  • The Cat Is Back: Shop Baby Phat’s New Collection
    Nostalgia never looked so good. Back in March, on International Women’s Day, Kimora Lee Simmons announced that she personally purchased her streetwear label Baby Phat with plans to relaunch come summer. After a teaser collection with Forever21, now, the cat is officially back: Baby Phat’s first drop just went live exclusively on its website.The first […]
  • Gunmen in cars kill at least 15 and injure scores more in Baghdad protests
    Gunmen in cars opened fire on Friday in Baghdad's Khilani Square leaving at least 15 people dead and 60 wounded, Iraqi security and medical officials said. At least two of the dead were policemen. Protesters fearing for their lives ran from the plaza to nearby Tahrir Square and mosques to take cover. It wasn't immediately clear […]
  • Nikki Haley claims Dylann Roof 'hijacked' the 'heritage' of the Confederate flag in church massacre
    Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said that white supremacist Dylann Roof “hijacked” the Confederate flag by carrying out a mass killing of African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church in 2015.
  • Nikki Haley claims otherwise innocuous Confederate flag was 'hijacked' by killer
    * Critics call Dylann Roof’s acts ‘completely consistent’ with flag * Haley: battle flag represented ‘service and sacrifice and heritage’The former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley faced a storm of criticism on Friday after she said the Confederate battle flag represented “service and sacrifice and heritage” before it was “hijacked” by Dylann Roof, the gunman […]
  • 'This is about Russia': Trump impeachment inquiry leaves 'roads to Putin' untravelled
    Shortly after her Thursday morning announcement that the process of drafting articles of impeachment against president Donald Trump would commence, House speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Mr Trump’s withholding of military aid to Ukraine was yet another instance of his taking actions that ultimately benefit the interests of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.“This isn’t about Ukraine. […]
  • Iran nuclear deal parties meet as accord nears collapse
    The signatories to the Iran nuclear deal stressed their commitment to the faltering accord during crunch talks in Vienna on Friday, as Tehran vowed to continue to breach limits on its nuclear programme. Envoys from Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and Iran took part in the three-hour-long meeting. Since May, Iran has taken a series […]
  • Mexicans fleeing violence form new encampment on border
    An exodus of migrants fleeing drug cartel violence and corruption in Mexico has mired hundreds of immigrants in ramshackle tent camps across the border from El Paso and brought new chaos to a system of wait lists for asylum seekers to get into the U.S. Migrant tent camps have been growing in size at several […]
  • Germany's SPD shifts left but gives Merkel coalition 'a chance'
    The new, leftist leaders of Germany's Social Democrats offered Angela Merkel's struggling coalition a lifeline at a key congress on Friday but vowed to push for more action on climate protection and public investments. Delegates at the SPD conference in Berlin rejected a motion to immediately quit the coalition, averting a political crisis. Instead, the […]
  • Officials list pot vape brands reported in US outbreak
    Health officials investigating a nationwide outbreak of vaping illnesses have listed, for the first time, the vape brands most commonly linked to hospitalizations. Dank Vapes was the brand used by 56% of the hospitalized patients nationwide. Other product names at the top of the list from CDC were TKO (15%), Smart Cart (13%) and Rove […]
  • Warren, Buttigieg scrap puts Democratic divide on display
    Elizabeth Warren has spent weeks absorbing attacks from moderate rivals looking to blunt her surging campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. After a Democratic Party fundraiser in Boston on Thursday night, Warren blasted Pete Buttigieg, who is emerging as a leading moderate candidate in the lead-off Iowa caucuses set for Feb. 3. “I think that […]
  • Nikki Haley Suggests Confederate Flag Meant ‘Sacrifice and Heritage’ Until Dylann Roof ‘Hijacked’ It
    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley seemed to suggest on Friday that the Confederate flag did not have racist overtones until Dylann Roof “hijacked” it with his 2015 murder of nine black churchgoers.Speaking to Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck, Haley recounted her decision as South Carolina governor to remove the Confederate battle flag […]
  • US hits Iran-backed Iraqi militia leaders with sanctions
    The Trump administration on Friday slapped sanctions on three Iran-backed Iraqi militia leaders for violent suppression of protests that have wracked the country. The Treasury and the State Department also hit a wealthy Iraqi businessman with sanctions for bribery and corruption. The militia leaders targeted by the sanctions are accused of ordering their forces to […]
  • UK Brexit envoy quits, slamming politicians' 'half-truths'
    Alexandra Hall Hall resigned as the embassy’s Brexit counselor with a letter slamming the British government’s use of “misleading” arguments and reluctance “to address honestly” the challenges and trade-offs involved in the U.K.’s departure from the European Union. The diplomat's resignation letter is dated Dec. 3 and was made public just six days before Britons […]
  • Asylum-seekers who crossed in Arizona returned to Mexico
    The U.S. government said Friday it had sent nine Venezuelans — including two families — back to Mexico after they tried to make an asylum claim by driving up to a customs officer instead of lingering south of the border on a list waiting to be called up under a Trump administration policy targeting asylum-seekers. […]
  • Slain UPS driver's family questions police response to chase
    Relatives of a UPS driver killed after robbery suspects took him hostage on a wild police chase across South Florida questioned Friday why officers had to unleash a torrent of gunfire when the truck got stuck in rush-hour traffic. Both suspects, 41-year-old cousins Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Jerome Hill, were killed along with the driver, […]
  • US slaps sanctions on Iran-linked Iraqis over protest abuses
    The United States on Friday announced sanctions on three Iranian-linked Iraqi militia leaders for allegedly assisting the crackdown on demonstrations that have swept the country. The United States imposed sanctions on three Iraqis -- Qais al-Khazali, Laith al-Khazali, and Hussein Falil Aziz al-Lami -- who are part of Popular Mobilization Forces, or Hashed al-Shaabi, a […]
  • German SPD Gives Merkel a Reprieve But Signals Tough Talks Ahead
    (Bloomberg) -- Want the lowdown on European markets? In your inbox before the open, every day. Sign up here.The new leaders of Germany’s Social Democratic Party signaled a readiness to stick with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government but pledged a tough stance in defending a list of fresh demands.Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans, a pair of […]

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  • White House says it will not take part in Monday's impeachment hearing – live
    The House judiciary had invited Trump’s representatives to attend but his legal team declined because ‘the process is unfair’Help us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contribution 10.31pm GMT Michael Bloomberg apologized for calling Cory Booker “well-spoken”. The late entrant to the 2020 presidential primaries said, “I probably shouldn’t have used the […]
  • BBC debate: Corbyn hits out at Johnson's ‘racist remarks’
    Labour and Conservative party leaders clash over racism and NHS in final before polling dayJohnson v Corbyn: who won the debate?Factcheck: How credible are Corbyn and Johnson’s claims?Jeremy Corbyn accused Boris Johnson of having made “racist remarks” as the pair clashed over Islamophobia and antisemitism in their parties, during a crucial head-to-head debate less than […]
  • Over a dozen killed in Baghdad when gunmen open fire on protesters
    Attack follows mass stabbings in Tahrir Square, a focus of the anti-government movement At least 14 people were killed and more than 40 others wounded when gunmen in cars opened fire on a protest camp in Baghdad, sending people running for cover in nearby mosques. Three of the victims were police officers.The attacks on Friday […]
  • British diplomat in US resigns, saying she can't 'peddle half-truths' on Brexit
    Alexandra Hall Hall, Brexit counsellor in Washington, described UK government’s ‘use of misleading or disingenuous arguments’The British diplomat in charge of explaining Brexit to the US government, Congress and public, has resigned, saying she was no longer prepared to “peddle half-truths on behalf of a government I do not trust”.Alexandra Hall Hall, the Brexit counsellor […]
  • Overturned crane closes both directions of the M25 in Essex
    London orbital motorway is likely to be affected for a considerable time, say policeThe M25 has been shut after a serious collision involving a crane that overturned and crashed over both sides of the carriageway.The incident happened at junction 27 with the M11 in Essex on Friday evening. It has caused huge tailbacks in both […]
  • ‘Please, bring him back’: family fear Australian democracy activist will die in Vietnamese jail
    Chau Van Kham, 70, was convicted of ‘terrorism’ and jailed for 12 years. Now the Morrison government is being urged to put human rights above politicsThe family of a 70-year old Australian man convicted of terrorism by a Vietnamese court say his 12-year prison term is “a death sentence” and fear they may never see […]
  • 'Why is this happening?' Shocking evidence builds pressure for strip-search reform in NSW
    Outrage is growing as an inquiry hears testimony about potentially unlawful searches of minors by New South Wales policeIt took Peggy Dwyer about 20 minutes to draw a gasp from the public gallery at this week’s hearings into the use of strip-search powers by police in New South Wales.A 15-year-old boy, Dwyer told the Law […]
  • 'A rapist in your path': Chilean protest song becomes feminist anthem – video
    A Chilean protest song about rape culture and victim shaming has become an anthem for feminists around the world.Un Violador en Tu Camino (A Rapist in Your Path) was first performed in late November as Chile’s nationwide uprising against social inequality entered its second month.Here's a look at how the song, and its accompanying dance moves, have […]
  • Teenager pleads guilty to throwing child off Tate Modern balcony
    Jonty Bravery, 18, admits attempted murder of French boy, 6, at London gallery An autistic teenager has pleaded guilty to attempted murder after throwing a six-year-old boy from a viewing platform at the Tate Modern art gallery.Jonty Bravery, who turned 18 in October, told police he carried out the attack because he wanted to be […]
  • Turkey to press on with plan to buy Russian defence system
    Ankara says it made no concessions at Nato summit and that Donald Trump ‘understands’ its positionTurkey made no concessions at this week’s Nato summit and will continue to purchase the Russian S-400 air defence system, the Turkish foreign minister has said.Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu added that the purchase of the Russian system – condemned by France and […]
  • Greta Thunberg says school strikes have achieved nothing
    Activist says 4% greenhouse gas emissions rise since 2015 shows action is insufficientThe global wave of school strikes for the climate over the past year has “achieved nothing” because greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise, Greta Thunberg has told activists at UN climate talks in Madrid.Thousands of young people were expected to gather at […]
  • Croatia and Bosnia play political ping-pong over table tennis players
    Neighbouring Balkan nations argue about deportation of Nigerian students from ZagrebA row has broken out between Croatia and Bosnia over the deportation of two Nigerian table tennis players who were wrongly kicked out of Croatia by police officers who allegedly mistook them for undocumented immigrants.Abia Uchenna Alexandro and Eboh Kenneth Chinedu, students at the Federal […]
  • Nepal makes first 'period hut' arrest after woman dies during banned custom
    Police apprehend brother-in-law of Parwati Budha Rawat after 21-year-old is found dead in windowless hut in Accham districtA 21-year-old woman has died after spending three nights in an outdoor “period hut”, prompting police in Nepal to make their first ever arrest in connection with the illegal practice.The tradition of chhaupadi, where menstruating women in Nepal […]
  • Joseph McCann guilty of horrific rapes after being freed by mistake
    Calls for inquiry following serial offender’s string of attacks and kidnappingsThe Joseph McCann case: the error and its implicationsJoseph McCann, who has been convicted of a horrific series of rapes and kidnappings against 11 women and children, was freed in error to commit his crimes after authorities failed to realise he should have been in […]
  • The military drill that sparked WhatsApp rumours of Queen's death
    Message sent by ‘Gibbo’ created fake news panic after being forwarded to millionsIt was the WhatsApp message that convinced millions of people the Queen had died. Now, the mystery of how a man called Gibbo and his friends inadvertently created a fake news panic that went “bigger than Ben Hur” has apparently been solved – […]
  • Fork out to pork out: Germany’s ‘schnitzel alert’ echoes around Europe
    Sharp rise in wholesale pork prices prompts warnings over cost of bratwurst, chorizo and other seasonal fare The “schnitzel alert” sounded by German meat producers earlier this week has been echoed in other European countries, as wholesale pork prices rise by as much as 40%.BVDF, the federal association of the German meat industry, warned consumers […]
  • The climate crisis is the most urgent threat of our time. Help us fight it | Katharine Viner
    Urgent policy steps are needed to avoid climate catastrophe, but we as citizens can also support practical, natural solutionsPlease donate to our appeal here The 2019 Guardian and Observer charity appeal is all about trees: for what they are in themselves, in all their beauty and majesty, and for what they represent. This year, our […]
  • Killer heat: US cities' plans for coming heatwaves fail to protect vulnerable
    Exclusive: With heatwaves predicted to worsen dramatically over the next 30 years, many big US cities are failing to fully plan to protect those most vulnerable to extreme heat When heatwaves hammered US cities this summer, one of the hottest in recorded history, some city governments had plans in place to protect their most at-risk […]
  • 'This place used to be green': the brutal impact of oil in the Niger Delta
    Bayelsa state once offered rich pickings for farmers and fisherman. Then oil companies arrived and wrought an environmental catastrophe• All photographs by Arteh Odjidja, whose work features in the exhibition Rise for Bayelsa, which runs in London until 20 December 2019 Almost every day, Udengs Eradiri is informed of another oil spill in Bayelsa state, […]
  • Joe Biden lashes out at voter: 'You think I thought you'd vote for me?' – video
    Joe Biden got into a spat with a voter at a campaign event in Iowa on Thursday in an exchange that had the Democratic 2020 hopeful lashing out at the man and seeming to call him 'fat'. The man in the audience described himself as an 84-year-old retired farmer, then argued that Biden was too […]

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